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You Can Only Take Care Of Yourself

We are 8news.org we are an independent thought that is right thought. When you sign up for an account you become a Contributor. Yes, that is right it gets put in the pending submission for the site I read over it and post it. We are people that want to make a change. You don’t have to fear anything here we have all different types of categories. Some theme park news some other things we are a big group of people with different ideas and cultures. But there is one thing you must do is to write in English. We at 8news.org love news and love data. If you have a video or anything you want to be public like a rude waitress waiter or establishment. send us the video audio pictures and more. Don’t be a victim of bad service. All your info is safe with us we don’t ask for credit card info or anything. We make money off of ads we place on our site or you can send crypto to us. we don’t charge for our articles and we will not do that. Let’s start with the owner of this site my name is tom folks call me Tommy but not late for dinner lol. in my mind I think I know a little bit about SEO but still learning. I like to help people that need help and right the wrong. I have years of knowledge in creative writing working for theme parks working on ships and more. I am a jack of all trades but a master of none. no one can call them selfs a master of a job we are all learning every day. this blog is supported by BAT tokens if you have a brave browser send us a tip it goes to the servers and other things to make things better. you can always email me at 8news@gmx.com I will try to answer as fast as I can. If you see anything that should not be on here kindly email me and I will take it down. Being a D bag will keep it up and never be taken down so you will attract me with honey than vinegar. we want all of you to feel safe here if you feel that you’re not safe please email me and I will fix the problem. remember when you sine up your a contributor if I spot anything illegal I will report to the authorities and work with their investigation. To the attorneys who want to email me on things that concern you, you can email me at 8news@gmx.com if you act like a dbag I will not respond remember you work for the people you are a public servant and you should conduct your self-professional.