Movie Nights

We at have Movie nights that is when we find a movie on the internet and play it on this page. These movies could be a horror-comedy or anything that you like. We will have votes when this page gets enough traffic. we will have a chat room also but right now it’s just a movie so come on in and see what we have

In the tradition of “The Naked Gun” and “Airplane” comes Naked Space, a send-up of every alien monster movie ever made! Leslie Nielsen stars as Captain J. Jameson, the off-the-wall commander of the wackiest ship in outer space. Patrick Macnee is Dr. Stark, the mad scientist who lives to have something, anything named in his honor. Then there’s Cindy Williams as the ship’s morale officer who is more concerned about her tan than the crew’s morale. The only thing she does to keep up the crew’s spirits is to give them sexy dreams. Mix all of them together with a man-eating glob of killer jelly, and, well, dinner is served!