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To law enforcement, this is a document to prove that has diplomatic immunity we are a sovereign nation of people that fallow the law ad do not commit any violence to others. in turn that any act of violence against the nation of will result into war in turn that we are a peaceful group of pioneers that have the free thought of life and liberty. if you want to know more click on the form to know more.


the definition of Diplomatic Immunity is stated

  1. the privilege of exemption from certain laws and taxes granted to diplomats by the country in which they are working.
    “her embassy is claiming diplomatic immunity on her behalf”

i state that the Miller Nation is a country all in its self in state we have the same rights as any nation as a peaceful nation we do not tolerate false claims and lies by us corporate entities. any act of strong-arming the Miller Nation will be an act of war and will file complaints in the court system


if any law enforcement wants to contact the embassy of the Miller Nation you can email us at and we will get back to you as soon as we can