Ability recovery and Ashworth College Diploma mill and false that collecting 0 (0)

This is the fraudulent acts that ability, recovery, and Ashworth College and other online universities committed against the American people. This is documented proof your discretion is advised     … Read More

Ashwood University Diploma Mill Scam #ashwooduniversity 0 (0)

The large and wide-spread and massive organized Diploma Mill Scam ring includes not only Ashwood University but also these other sites owned and operated by the SAME guy in Pakistan. His name is Samuel Kureshi but you will not … Read More

Ashwood University is a scam you you should stay away from them and their collection frim makes debt up 0 (0)

8news.org Their collection firm Ability Recovery  is one of the worst made up collection firms in north america i here are just some of the complaints  docs of the ceo … Read More