Twitter’s downfall

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Twitter’s downfall

The true reason twitter does not count how many people that left

It looks like twitter is on borrowed time, Jack Dorsey refuses to say how many people left twitter needed to true numbers to come out it would plummet their stock when oblivion. I got a feeling Jack Dorsey is defrauding the shareholders. Their ideology and their far-left movement will not be a good business opportunity for the company. I suggest to talk your financial planner and see the workaround twitter because in our theory twitter will not be around 20 more years their business plan is going under, kicking and banning people that you and ask them questions they banned us as well from the platform, Jack Dorsey and his crazy team is going to sink twitter I watch this die just like MySpace. We all know what happened to MySpace. Now it’s just taking up Internet space. LOL, they can never get back when remember Ask Jeeves remember CompuServe remember Lycos remember Netscape will twitter will be in the remembrance. The only reason I say 20 years is that’s how long that domain is good for it to be much shorter. Personally I don’t think it will go back to where it used to be twitter is now and forever known as a gag company has been but really a never was. I encourage Jack Dorsey to run that company to the ground and join their fellow friends at MySpace because that’s their next stop on the collapsing train of nothing

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