Venezuela started eating people

Breaking News Venezuela started eating people

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Venezuela started eating people

I kid you not Venezuela and the inmates in Venezuela are committing cannibalism on each other, that is) as well as now committing cannibalism and see the article here 

Vehicle cannibalism on the rise in Venezuela


I kid you not, ladies and gentlemen this may happen in the United States of America. If we don’t all of our britches. I’m not one of the state cannibalism in the United States, but were coming closer and closer to that situation everything will day we must all of our britches and work together to find a common solution to the problem because if we keep on fighting and burning down grocery stores soon will all have that barren wasteland of food deserts that will not end well that will lead to cannibalism massive death and destruction you want to see your loved one in pain when he or she is dying, I say to you, think first before you do anything because the American people will not stand deformation of our fine Republic, the cannibalism inside the jail systems in Venezuela doesn’t have to come to the United States of America. This should be a wake-up call to anyone who hears my voice



The elections are coming up with a very scary time in America need to understand home security. Make sure you have enough provisions for a couple of weeks you may have to hunker down for a while civil unrest hits the streets this video will teach you how to survive on a very shoestring budget for security. Most of the things I talk about our medieval type of barricades, barricades still working to this day, and again, ladies and gentlemen stay safe

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