8news.org monthly report We’re doing pretty well here

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8news.org monthly report We’re doing pretty well here


We just got our memberships program put in all it is is just the donation per month to help us gain server cost down low were good to 2021 of September. I think we’re doing pretty well. I think in 2021 we may have her own server. Not sure yet. We’ll keep you informed with the latest updates upon eight news and developing stories to support our advertisers which means a lot to us. It also helps us keep the lights on. There is no center independent news source that I know of that case due diligence and helps the average consumer were not perfect but we strive to be better. Thank you for all your hard work Miller nation we are all in this together. This is just an update upon what we do some of the proceeds goes into server maintenance and the server costs. Others go into investments to help in working capital and advertising are websites. We mostly advertise on traffic exchange networks where our following is pretty well known you not use Google ads nor bing ads . We will look into bing ads with our next journeys any advertising platform that wants her business, please contact me at admin@8news.org, I will receive a notification that you would like our new site on your platform. We are on Google News as well. We are very proud to be on Google Newsfeeds and we will strive to put honest and independent news sources out there. We are here to help the little man. The man who needs to get his voice out if server cost becomes overwhelming. The site may go down for a period of time, please. I haven’t abandoned you. Just remember that I will be right back up. So I find a good deal on server space, you can catch me on YouTube at 8news. If the site ever goes down for a while, you can subscribe to our YouTube page and we will broadcast our podcast on YouTube. We got other platforms as well we are on the steem blockchain and more. The world is our oysters and we are going to shine like this noonday sun. In conclusion, you can do anything you put your mind to. And you will succeed. I hope you have a wonderful day. Take care

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