The death of dark rides in America

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The death of dark rides in America

My thoughts. Thomas Miller

Everything right now is on the precipice of extinction. The dark ride industry is slowly fading away, and the hard times. Are coming by all dark rides are fun dark rights are great people enjoy going to haunted houses and fun houses and enjoy anama Tronics jumping out and causing a scare. Unfortunately, the dark ride industry took a big hit at COVID 19 when: COVID 19 started the industry knew that was the final nail that in the coffin dark right industry was having a hard time getting new attractions going due to the reason most imparks new simulators that they can always change the film and make something new. Slowly but surely the dark ride industry was deflating like an old tire. I personally love dark rides the haunted pretzel. Noah Ark in Kennywood. Other famous attractions were the house of evil at carnivals across the world. Also, Knotts Berry Farm had the calico mine train the calico log flume. Those were two great dark rides that are still working to this day we haven’t seen any new dark rides in years like what they used to make in the past dark ride for my life when I was a child seeing this deflate is a very sad day in my life. I am not a big fan of simulated rides never a big fan of that dark rides mean a great deal in my heart and love for one of the finest attractions in the world. I can name a lot of dark rides, but forgot where they are from, but together maybe one day I will come back and we can ride in dark again, thank you for your time. I hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll do a podcast on this in the near future

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