The Death Of Buffet Style Restaurants

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The times of all you can eat buffets are done. I know we all love to eat and we all love to go to the local all you can eat buffet. due to the covid19 pandemic we cant go and buffets are dying left and right. Buffets are one of those things that it’s hard to keep clean and hard to keep food hot for long periods. all you can eat buffets you know it it’s gone. most of them are going under like golden corral and western sizzler that sad part is we may never see the good old American buffets again. here are some articles about all you can eat buffets. 

Coronavirus: The slow death of the American all-you-can-eat buffet

Please don’t help yourself: Buffets take a beating during coronavirus

the list goes on and on the way, you know it America or great Americana is going under and we may never see it again that sad part is the great old American road trip may be gone for some time and when it comes back it will be too late to even recognize or roadway exit eateries. 

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