Laying Limp is Not resisting arrest the officer has full control

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           Laying Limp is Not resisting


The cops don’t like me saying this and I know why because it makes their job much harder. Laying limp in not resisting arrest that is right laying limp is NOT Resisting. now why you come out with that crazy jargon well i tell what that means

“If someone is limp, their body has no strength and is not moving, for example, because they are asleep or unconscious. He carried her limp body into the room and laid her on the bed.”  Collins English Dictionary


Resisting is a force or any other movement in question

1 tensing up

2 running

3 overpowering

4 trying to fight 


Layng limp the officer is in full control and if you’re laying limp the officer has full control of your body. when they say stop resisting you say I am not officer you have full control of my body.


Why does this seem so important because it blows every ting out of the water and the funny part is they look like fools. let us just say if they have you in full control of your body why do they say stop resisting because they think you will tense up if you tense up that is resisting so they will throw you to the ground and try to hurt you if you tense up then you resist and get that charge. but then they will be at fault if they throw you into the ground and you hurt your self because they are fully in control of one’s body that they have in custody. gives you legal right to sue the police department for that reason



Let’s give a scenario about what went down. The officer says your under arrest then you say ok then lay limp the officer grabs you as you lay limp now he has full control of your body but he shouts  out stop resisting you say officer you have full control of my body I am not resisting sir

it’s your choice to say sir because it polite and you can say you were polite in court

and just keep on repeating “Officer you have me in full control of my body i am not resisting”

Now why the police keep saying the same thing over and over again its for compliance purpose. it’s a way so they don’t get sued and a thing that they do to try to look like the good guy. now looking at it you think their dumb but their not what it is is they got to keep on repeating and repeating so they can be in “compliance” if they say you fucking asshole listen to what I say they are out of compliance and can be in a record that they were not in compliance and be a good argument in court.


Now here are something you can learn what the police think resisting of arrest is and things you should learn to counteract their argument 


Use of Force By Police an overview


us commission of civil rights 







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