Big Foot dies of covid-19

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Big Foot dies of covid-19




rumor on the interwebs say bigfoot dies of COVID 19 more news comes in when it comes in

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Wyoming’s death toll from the novel coronavirus now stands at 10. Two residents who died in Colorado weeks ago were added to the list yesterday.

According to the Wyoming Department of Health, an elderly Carbon County woman who suffered conditions that put her at a higher risk from the virus died at the end of April. The other was an elderly man from Laramie County. He died in March.

Both deaths occurred in Colorado and were reported only recently to Wyoming’s Vital Statistics Services Office, a division of the WDH. Neither had been included previously in Wyoming’s case count; and nothing in the news release suggests that the victims were living in Wyoming at the time they became infected.

A health department official said it is not uncommon to experience delays in receiving information from other states.



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