The truth about central Florida behavioral healthcare


The horror stories of Central Florida behavioral health all in this small e-book. This book will talk about other people’s experiences and including my own at Central Florida behavioral health. And how they imprison me for up to a month almost stranding me in Orlando. I hope this book is a good read for you. I try my best to make good content, and now let’s get into the story.



It all started on January morning. It was a typical day. I got up that my dog charcoal and enjoy the rest of the day what was about to come with the most horrific experience in my life. I was feeling a little depressed that morning, so I went to the local emergency room, Palm Coast, I was not feeling that well so I stated my feelings don’t remember the doctor’s name, but I stated my feelings then that suddenly a TV screen came in the room. It was a psychiatrist, so I explained to the psychiatrist. My feelings because I was open and honest. Then they brought the TV screen out of the room. That’s when I found I think they Baker acted, make.
I say this could not be so I let them take me into custody to go to the mental health facility in Orlando don’t remember the ride whatsoever. They drugged me full of drugs. I was utterly high in front of the building. That’s not like urine and feces. It was essential for behavioral health. Now I was very high at the time when he gave me all these drugs. I didn’t know where I was. Then I started having heart problems, so he took me to Dr. Phillips’s hospital in Orlando.
Meanwhile, I do know in my clothes were so the first couple days. The early 72 hours. It was a madhouse. You see, they put me in a room or an award for the most violent individuals go. I asked the nurse why did they do that their statement was if no more room in the hospital so I was asleep with one eye open while there are certain amount of employees there that were decent, and I made friends with one of them, but then after three days, they made me sign a form to my dismay that would keep me in there for a whole month without me knowing they were literally bilking my insurance every three days to the tune of $10,000 a day. They claim they are specialty hospital, and they had a paper to ambulance rides to and from Dr. Phillips hospital because my heart that in another book I am going to write about Dr. Phillips hospital and now the staff is just insulting. There, and more. Far closer to the end of my time at the Center for behavioral health. These are stopped paying, and so I was discharged. What happened next. At the end of that day was a nightmare. They lost my shirt. They lost my wallet. They claim I never had. I know I may finally found my purse, my pants, and the stuff I came in with without my shirt, so I had a where a paper shirt on a train ride back to where I live. I had to pay for the train right back out of my own pocket, or I would’ve been stranded in Orlando for God knows how long that is my four-story of Florida Central behavioral health now you hear from other people on their stories have a beautiful day

This place is hell. Never go there. You have zero control of anything. Other patients harass you, and the staff does nothing. You will only get worse if you go here. All they want is insurance to pay for your stay. They won’t give a fair evaluation.

Poor treatment by all staff (except for Steve, the activity coordinator. This place does not deserve a man as good as Steve, bless his heart), poor food, mediocre everything, really. Nurses were dehumanizing and denied patients in my unit food, water, the ability to use the restroom, calls home, and medication. For the most part, staff seemed to care less about anyone’s safety or well being- this was apparent once they denied a 9-year-old of food and calls home. Staff lied on medical records and denied several patient’s nicotine patches or refused to listen to the ultimate’s concerns about medications. Most staff did not care if patients ate or drank, and if someone didn’t want to leave their room first thing in the morning (because let’s face it. We all felt like death at 6:30AM when being held against our will in this place) then they were denied food or the ability even to leave their room the entire day. Fights regularly happened, no patient was fed well enough, and nobody felt genuinely safe. As an added bonus, you could hear people on Kraken inside the units, which was taunting, saying the least.
If you happen to have a choice as to go here or to stay somewhere else, get as far away as possible.

Terrible. The staff is rude and inconsiderate of how we feel. The therapy didn’t work, and I was better off with my counselor at home. Everyone was always fighting and screaming in group therapy. They told us our rights as a patient but continuously violated those rights. They didn’t tell me my prescription, what I was even diagnosed with, or the dosage. And then they kept me TWO EXTRA DAYS because they raised my dosage without telling me. All of the staff is rude. I don’t know about other things, this was just my experience on the under 18’s side. Also, I had a roommate who tried to have sex with me??? And my experience was so bad it mentally scarred me. I deal with flashbacks and disassociation daily because it traumatized me. The tiniest things throw me into a panic attack and make me break down crying. It made me worse instead of better.

CFB is the worst behavioral hospital ever. Let’s mention the fact that when you’re admitted, intake lasts 5+ hours to get you to your room, and you’re sitting in a cold waiting room for that long. RIDICULOUS.

Here at CFB, they have group therapy, which is just childish games like naming your favorite ice cream and COLORING. I AM AN ADULT. NOTHING therapeutic about that.

The only doctor you see is a psychiatrist who asks why you’re there, listens to your problems, and only prescribes you a damn medication without actually discussing your issues. A lot of mental health patients really just need to TALK IT OUT. THEN When you refuse their medication, they keep you there for a WEEK to “observe you.” They also put me on the wrong Unit, so I was surrounded by violent, delusional people, and I was afraid I’d randomly be attacked. This place is not structured AT ALL and just do their job to get paid.

Last thing: Natalia, Tisha, Bria, and Chris from Breezeway were the only helpful and friendly staff I’ve met in that whole hospital. Thank you so much.

Here’s how I think the fraud is committed at Central Florida behavioral health

One if you have proper insurance. What they consider golden coverage, they will do anything it takes to keep you behind those doors so they can take everything from Medicare and Medicaid and make a lot of money like one of the caseworker said at the facility we receive a lot of people who have no insurance. Once we have someone with insurance or we, hold on to them forever. That is the scariest thing I ever heard

Two. They hire a lot of people who don’t speak English. I think it inside the mill to pump out illegal aliens that need work in Orlando. Not a single one of the nurses spoken English only when they had to my experience. Cheap labor. Happy hospital

Three I think they work with Florida Hospital Adventist health to pump out Baker acts so they can get a kickback on golden insurance individuals, Florida Hospital has got in trouble the past for Medicare or Medicaid fraud. They had $100 million to Medicare and Medicaid, and they’re still pumping it out. I think they take golden insurance individuals and keep them in their facility as long as possible.

So that my theories on Central Florida behavioral health, this story may be a bit bland, but it’s the law and the mental health field. I wish you guys a great day.

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