Comcast Tonica Lashawn Freeman Intentionally overcharges my Comcast account


It’s no secret that Comcast has questionable billing practices. Everyone gets overcharged and users must call in to fix the problem. For example, I have only “unlimited internet” but I was charged around $1,000 in rates for going ‘over my data limit.’ Additionally, they were charging me for HBO for years but I don’t even have cable service with them.

Tonica Freeman was aware of all of this over our recorded phone conversations. She promised to fix everything. She gave me a few month’s credit for the HBO (not refund of all charges) and was unable to remove the ‘data overage’ for whatever BS reason.

Now, I have paid $1,500 in overages and my new bills are over $400 instead of $90 as promised. She refused to answer my phone calls and emails and when I spoke with another Comcast representative they said that this is typical of her. dug in deeper to Tonica Lashawan Freeman and here is what we found




Sarah WaughWest Palm Beach, FLReputation Score: 1.63/5Alert: Court Records
Elizabet FreemanRoyal Palm Beach, FLReputation Score: 3.85/5
Vernice FreemanSt Thomas, VIReputation Score: 3.75/5

Bill FreemanMarionville, MOReputation Score: 2.15/5Alert: Court Records

Heather ForbesWest Palm Beach, FLReputation Score: 2.15/5Alert: Court Records

Fannie FreemanWest Palm Beach, FLReputation Score: 3.75/5
Henry FreemanSt Thomas, VIReputation Score: 4.28/5
Abbi FreemanWest Palm Beach, FLReputation Score: 3.02/5
Lyndsay FreemanWoodbridge, VAReputation Score: 4.03/5
Tashno FreemanWest Palm Beach, FLReputation Score: 4.15/5
Jimmie FreemanOrlando, FLReputation Score: 1.93/5Alert: Court Records



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