5 worst Debt Collection companies

The Worst 5 Debt Collections companies

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Hello, I am going to take you to thew a journey into the world of debt collection stay away from these debt collection companies.


Here is a list of Companies you need to stay away from


  1. Americollect Inc

  2. NCO

  3. Ability Recovery Services LLC

  4. Mcn credit collection

  5. Summit

These are the Companies you need to stay away there are more but these will rob you blind if you give them your credit card or checking account into. MCN out of Jacksonville calls people who owe them money liers. they throw that term loosely all the time and they should watch out for slander charges 



Let’s go into what you should do if a collection company calls you this will help you. These videos will help you

What Happens When You Are Sued By A Debt Collector in District or Small Claim Court in Alabama


In concluding I hope this helps you. we at 8news.org thank you for your time and thank you for trusting us with your news





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