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The ways not to collect a debt


Hello, ladies and gentlemen, this is  8news ways not to collect a debt is simple trading the debtor like crap, calling the debtor a liar. This is what happens when people run amok in the debt collection industry. People tend to use force to collect a debt. And it’s not working anymore. Collection agencies are being sued millions and millions of dollars due to this reason alone. Why you may ask. Because what happened next terrifying when a collector and debtor. The debtor will have to pay more money to the collector, due to FTC regulations, fair debt collection practices act and the wrongdoing of the debt collectors. That’s right, the wrongdoing of the debt collectors. When the FTC raises fines for the fair debt collection practices act is going to be passed on to the consumer. The debtor because of collection agencies. One goal is to make money when they make money, they get to keep their business going when they keep their business going. They can produce jobs. This is what happens when debt collectors run amok and destroy honest individuals who want to work. I am a big fan of debt collectors, but debt collectors are a necessity to our way of life, have you never got paid for a job you have done. Have you ever got hurt by an individual, and they never paid. Let’s put the shoe on the other foot. The lender side the lender agrees to lend you the money in turn paid back in interest, but the problem is you can’t pay them back. What happens, you can pay to get her back. They take you to collections that is the only route they can take most of the companies will not sue you due to the fact of PR nightmares once a company starts suing were lots of money from their debtors. The news will pick up the constant trend of lawsuits was the concentration of lawsuits sees a certain threshold. The news will start picking up bad for the bank that further PR, so they quietly send a debt to the debt collector for collection on the debt. We all know certain debt collectors makeup day in collecting on fraudulent claims. They should be held accountable for those actions. What happens in people who legitimately owe a debt and then not pay for the services rendered. People are taking advantage of this situation. Why you may ask because There are no laws in the books to prosecute people.
About a debt. It’s a mad world out there legitimate debts go unpaid in the billions destroying families destroy economies destroying towns, cities, and even your parents. Why do I say, parents? Some parents take their kids to collections after they turn 18. That is correct, some do, but most of them don’t ladies and gentlemen, in conclusion, think before you do things because if the increased revenue decreases for anything. They will always get back in the backend

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