2014 Bank Of America And The Paid House Debacle

Is the Baker act system broken


Is the Baker act system broken across America hello and Thomas Miller, my thoughts in opinions on this is yes? Why you may ask, because the Baker act system is hanging on a very thin thread are you imprisoning these people or you trying to rehabilitate people that is a question. Doctors cannot explain the Baker act law to behold up to 72 hours in a facility for mental illness that has doctors that monitor you the Baker act facilities are a joke. They are prisons to the mentally ill. That’s right prisons. What I say that because the far left has gone into the Baker act system and trying to brainwash mentally ill people, in their colluded way of life. The far left has gone into the mental health field to take away your guns. That is correct. They want your guns. They want your children they want to mold their minds into a far-left utopia. When you coddle a mentally ill person. They will always come back for more. That’s why our mental illness centers are crisis centers are always full because they don’t know where to go next, let’s just save a highly conservative parent and you being spoon fed liberal jargon. The liberal jargon is like you’re entitled to everything in the conservative talk is that you have to work for your living, you know where the mentally ill person to go there going to the psych ward, why they’re going to the psych ward because they rather be lied to in their face and face the truth. You know who’s footing the bill. American taxpayers. These mental health centers are asking the federal government for so much money for mental health research because you’re being overrun by patients when you promised free stuff to a mentally ill person who is off their medicine. What you expect most of them don’t want reality to him in the face. So the far left coddles them saying you’re mentally ill. There are so many services out there, you should take advantage of our nation is bankrupt. We can’t even a single McDonald’s cheeseburger without putting it on credit. That’s right, people put credit at McDonald’s. They use credit cards to pay for an $11 meal and you think these people can afford more mental health treatment brainwashing are mentally ill with far-left propaganda. I’m neither a conservative or Republican or Democrat, or Democrat, and a liberal. I am a man of common sense, common sense should be taught to the mentally ill. But it’s not. It is not the mentally ill person’s fault, it’s the fault of the hospital’s so-called caseworkers and clinicians. That’s telling them you can do anything you want because we have programs for you from the federal government as a taxpayer, I don’t like how they’re treating the situation. Why are they doing this to people and why they’re trying to build the taxpayer for billions of dollars going into trillions. Don’t you see everyone has a mental illness? The world. I think this is a way to grab your guns. I don’t know my thoughts are my thoughts. I wish everyone understands that the survival of our nation depends on everyone working together, we cannot be turning a blind eye on the mentally ill and radical people just want to build the government. Thank you for your time

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