I had a Wells Fargo account but this mentally deranged district manager named Ashley Hawthorne

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Wells Fargo made a business decision around 05/12/2015 to close my checking account which I had opened 3 weeks before this to close my account because of my so called harassment of their district manger liar false accuser mentally deranged Ashley Hawthorne. Who has always stalked me and harassed me. And wells Fargo don’t want me as their customer anymore because of this deranged B****.

She should be fired for lying about me which caused me to lose my account because my prior one was compromised, which is why i was told to go to a local branch to open a new one which is a outrage to only find out later when I called to check my balance i was transferred to a live wells Fargo banker who told me my checking account was closed and a cashier check was being sent to me. Wells Fargo is cruel to do this to people, let them get embarrassed when they went to purchase something it would had gotten decline.

I was sent a threatening letter by Dane Chambers who stated that wells Fargo was exercising their right to  close my account. But they wasn’t exercising their right until Ashley Hawthorne ran her mouth and made a false 911 call to where i was taking care of my own banking business.

Ashley Hawthorne had no right to keep on interfere in my life or my own banking business and try to violate my civil rights.

Wells Fargo act like judge and jury and condemned me and stating i was to never enter the phoenix city location branch the one where I ran into Ashley Hawthorne. That is because the employees at the location branch are felon employees, to do such a dirty trick, to run me around and little did i know what dirty thing these employees and her was cooking up.

Because i noticed them starring at me my last visit, then I notice the police showed up and i thought right away, that Ashley Hawthorne was trying to get me wrongfully in trouble like she had done before and had gotten away with it, but she was trying to do it again. I was unjustly treated wrong by wells Fargo employees at this phoenix city location. But the police didn’t do nothing to me and they looked confused.

Wells Fargo sure took action to write me a threatening letter and telling me to stay out of wells Fargo. This is how dirty and a bunch of rats who are working at wells Fargo. They wouldn’t even listen to my side of the story about that I was the one being harassed by Ashley Hawthorne, she was harassing and stalking me but wells Fargo wouldn’t hear any of it.

 I can see why now Ashley and chaz hawthorne decided to become bankers because they are protected under the law and the police would not charge them with anything but show Ashley and chaz Hawthorne showed them favoritism just like how the phoenix city district attorney and phoenix city police and judge ruled in her favor.

Ashley Hawthorne said to me why don’t i take my mentally retard son back in to my home. Like she had some type of authority over me and my son because of them being criminals at wells fargo bank enriching themselves with opening phony bank accounts. That is why she had such a demon smile toward me thinking that she was going to ruin me by charging me with harassment.

I was denied to file charges against her for her telling me that I needed to take my mentally retarded son back in my home. They didn’t want to charge a banker with harassment because that would make them lose their lively hood. Well WITH they didn’t consider my lively hood and i was the one being harassed and  victimized by this B****.

And to add insult to injury the district attorney office demanded that I not sue them or rish being found guilty by the state of Alabama and going to jail. So i agreed not to sue. But this is why Ashley Hawthorne thinks that she still can falsely accuse me of harassment and try to cause misery in my life. And another thing she pulled this stunt where she moved her family in their home after 3 renters had moved in and they to harassed me, because Ashley Hawthorne told them that she got me in trouble and that the police would do nothing to them. So they formed a opinion about me to. It was a living night mare.

This was a way for Ashley Hawthorne to come over there even though the judge told me to stay away from her, she wanted to make my life miserable. And her parents have unjustly condemned me and my son and they started to harass him showing him baseball bat and a finger gun which he filmed. I can see why Ashley Hawthorne gets her bully thugness. Her parents raised her to be a B****, because they too were nasty bullies to. Its no telling how many people they unjustly accused of harassing them.

They had such hate and malice against me because Ashley Hawthorne and chaz hawthorne was falsely accusing us to them saying we did this and that. That is why her father hated my son so much and he didn’t do anything. Ashley Hawthorne was jealous of me so was chaz because I was a single female living on my own and owning my own house, and not being dependent on a man.  That is what these two married  B****** hated and they wanted me to lose it all by falsely accusing me.

And the phoenix city police and the court was all directly involved in wanting to destroy me.  Ashley and chaz hawthorne couldn’t stand me doing anything on my property. So falsely accusing me was the only way they thought that they could control me. They had gotten my other neighbor against me but i don’t care.

The judge told me not to go around them. But this is what Ashley Hawthorne wanted was to keep me locked up in my own home and not have any freedoms. I hate and despise the judge to. He didn’t take into consideration about what they called my son telling me to take my mentally retarded son back in my home. I was angered and outraged!  That everyone was against me and my son even them Ashley Hawthorne called him this hate slur and Ashley and chaz hawthorne calling me the B word screaming it at me at the top of my lungs. This was all happening at 10:00 pm them being disorderly conduct.

And the phoenix city police sided with them and wouldn’t let me file harassment charges.

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