How to remove Hard Inquires Easy to do 2020

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If your new years goal is to remove inquires the hard type then this form is for you. first you need to put a freeze on SageStream and LexisNexis  i made it easy just click the highlighted text one takes you to Sage Sream opt in and out and the other takes you to LexisNexis. Step By step on how to do it do all the steps and you will win and no more inquires


  1. opt out of SageStream 
  2. opt out of LexisNexis 
  3. with Equifax dispute the inquiry their  then you get a form back saying its factual 
  4. go to the cfpb and fill out an complaint 
  5. use this form in the cfpb report fill it out with your info and send it to the cfpb online dispute
  6. if the the 3 major credit firms don’t help then take them to court and with your cfpb distpute form and they mail that they send you take it in to court and file a civil small calms against the 3 major firms 





Now here is the form to use 

<Phone #>
<Credit Bureau: Name>
<Credit Bureau: Address>
RE: Request Investigation of Credit Inquiry on My Behalf
Dear Sir or Ma’am,
I recently conducted a review of my credit report, and I noticed that your agency showed two (2) credit inquiries that I find to be problematic.
The first inquiry in question was apparently made by Company X on May 2nd, 2016 and I have no recollection of doing any business with Company X.
I contacted Company X, and asked them to take action to get this inquiry removed from their records and to erase any record of the inquiry with all credit reporting agencies. They assured me they would comply with my request and take whatever steps necessary to resolve the issue, but I wanted to contact you as well, just to make sure this gets done.
The second inquiry was made by Company Y.  I do remember working with Company Y, as they are the company I used for my recent auto loan. However, I applied for that loan just a few weeks after applying for similar loans from Company W and Company Z. Based on my research, I believe only Company Y, W, or Z should be showing on my report.
Please investigate these inquiries at your earliest possible convenience, as I am going to be applying for a home mortgage in the near future. I would very much like to ensure my credit score is showing an accurate depiction of my creditworthiness.
Please update me with a full report on your findings within the next two weeks. I look forward to having this situation rectified as soon as possible.
Thanks for your prompt attention to this matter,
<Printed Name>




Just remember save every thing because a judge does not like some one that in not prepared for court 


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