How to get rid of Ability Recovery Services LLC off your credit report

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It’s easy just show the cfpb this list and they will half to answer to it 

Who is Ability Recovery Services LLC  They buy debt for pennys on the dollar or make the debt up out of thin air. These scum will do any thing it takes to collect if you got contacted by them hang up as fast as you can. they will try to keep you on the phone for 30 sec to make the debt valid to collect. DONT give them your name or address if you do they have legal right to collect 

Ability Recovery Services LLC  are bottom feeding scum that will send people to your blogs or other place of employment to harass you or scare you till you pay. here are some of the complaints people have made and you send this to the cfpb and they will be off your record as fast as a nano second 

2, Report #1455846
Aug 09 2018
03:30 PM
3, Report #1365814
Apr 12 2017
02:25 PM
4, Report #1331072
Oct 01 2016
10:26 AM
5, Report #1209984
Feb 18 2015
12:22 PM
Collection Agencies: Ability Recovery Services LLC
Author: Spokane Valley, Washington
Moosic, Pennsylvania
6, Report #1185864
Oct 30 2014
11:53 AM
Author: Tiffin, Ohio
Moosic, Pennsylvania
7, Report #1170466
Aug 18 2014
08:06 AM
Collection Agency’s: Ability Recovery Services, LLC
Author: queens village, New York
8, Report #1139109
Apr 15 2014
04:03 PM
Collection Agency’s: Ability Recovery Services, LLC
Entity: Nationwide
4 months ago
If it was possible to give them zero stars, I would. My son has a little debt from school due to having to cancel a couple of classes. We didn’t realize it as our family was making a huge transition. Nonetheless, we owned the debt. This …More

Bobby Youngs

2 weeks ago
I’ve disputed these people and had there account removed from my credit report.
Now they’ve placed another fraudulent charge with different dates and charges …More

Latasha Tillman

7 months ago
My name is Rev. Latasha on March 13, 2019 I called Ability Recovery Service to pay a debt I was unaware. My account representative was Paul (who is a manger) . When I first spoke with Paul I asked “Paul could he tell me where the debt was …More

Lyndia Walden

3 months ago
Since getting my new phone, these people have been calling me about some guy named Pedro. No matter how many times I tell them they have the wrong number, they still call. When I called them back to ask them to remove my number, they very …More

Paul Rollinson

a week ago
If it could get 0 stars it would. Theyre calling about a debt from 2012 that was paid off ON THE DAY OF, refuses to pet me speak to a supervisor, then every single person i talk to gives me attitude and hangs up without letting me speak.

Twisted City Armory

4 months ago
I took classes at Penn Foster and after realizing how bad of a decision that was i got out before I owed them to much money. My account went to collections without notice. I had a phone call from a lady from Ability and we had scheduled a …More

Savannah T

5 months ago
SEEK AN ATTORNEY IF YOU WANT TO DEAL WITH THESE PEOPLE. Rudest customer service I have experienced in my life…Penn Foster had a fraudulent account open in my name and I had to fight Ability Recovery to get this fraudulent account closed …More

John Tucker

3 months ago
Very unproffessional per law they have to tell you what they are and state they are adebt collection agency and they did not do so and were very rude to my wife it all sounded like a scam how these guys are in buisness is beyond me they are not proffessional at all

ceira white

6 months ago
I made an agreement with Bryan on 4/1/19 to pay debt in full for deletion but that was not done, it was only updated. When I called to find out why I spoke with Tracy Ball and she hung up on me twice, her customer service and …More

Nicole Shuell

8 months ago
If I could give negative stars I would. We happened to have contact through this company when there was issue with Ashworth College. On numerous occasions they have been given proof that we have a 0 balance and that we owe nothing, yet …More

Donn Dennis

3 months ago
Bunch of scammers. They got my f…. info then reported some serious past account to my credit. I called then they can’t explain me where that bill came from. I Disputes it and win then removed it from my credit

DavinNtricia1111 Harris Fuentes

3 months ago
Dawn the customer service rep smh these people are no help. Will not even allow you to make payments because you cancelled auto pay one time while trying to figure out your pay schedule

Nina Dishon

8 months ago
If I could leave no stars I would. As someone who works in a professional environment, this is completely unacceptable. The lady, Ms. Richardson, was rude and hung up on my multiple times THEN had the nerve to complain about me calling so …More

George Salgado

3 months ago
Extremely rude and unprofessional customer service… They are an example of everything wrong With the financial sector, Do not do business with this company

0001 0101

7 months ago
Someone by the name of Frank Garrett answered and told me they were going to beat my head soft

John Davis

7 months ago
Wanna talk about shady . I get a call saying that they have contacted several times over the past year. They also said that they have been leaving voicemails every time and also sent mail to my address which never has happened . I call them …More

Meralis Alvarez

9 months ago
This company is a complete scam. The LLC for this company was recently filled for this year. They claim they are a debt collecting agency, when in reality it seems to me they are a SCAMMING AGENCY. The young man who picked up the phone was …More

Ashlyn Sheaks

4 months ago
Horrible customer service and don’t help you at all. I’d pay them to get something off my credit report but they wouldn’t work with me at all and super rude.

Stacia Ry

6 months ago
Frick Jim Evans!!!! These people should be on a poster for why people refuse to work with credit collection agency’s. I went into a payment arrangement with these ppl bcuz I actually wanta pay my bills and raise my credit score. I find out …More

Taylor Bernard

a month ago
This company calls me every day I have no outstanding debt and have asked to be removed from the call list however I continue to receive phone calls.

Terrance Holden

a year ago
I have requested a letter for confirmation that my debt was paid in full. I have called three different times to have them send me my letter and each time they told me they would send it. Two months have gone by and not once have they …More

Ashley Richter

a week ago
Very rude and unprofessional!

Carmen Angelina

7 months ago
There a scam. I never heard of them until today that my credit score got tooken down to 75 points. I’m so confused I had to argue with the woman because she told me she doesn’t care what credit karma nor what Experian is showing on my …More

Mike Voorhees

9 months ago
These people are extremely rude and have as the last MALE I spoke with nothing else to do!!! I am trying to figure a simple question! You write this off after 2 or 3 attempts! Yes Medicare and Medicaid know this happens along with our fine …More


a year ago
OK so this has been happening since last year. I wanted to go to college and I graduated from Penn Foster now I am not blaming Penn Foster for this as they always have been helpful with me so last year I called them they were nice and all …More

Jacob Willey

11 months ago
I’m giving one star because I can’t give 0. DO NOT PAY THIS COMPANY UNLESS YOU HAVE NAMES AND CONTACT NUMBERS! I asked for my payoff letter and they said, “Frankly sir, I have no incentive to do anything for you” and hung up. That was the …More

Aaron Tschantz

9 months ago
I have requested a letter for confirmation that my debt was paid in full to be emailed to me. they refused to and said they aren’t allowed to email something I paid to my personal email and they just hung up on me. I have called multiple times and each time they have hung up on me

Graysons Dad

5 months ago
They go off of false information. Tried telling me I owe just because they were hired to call and harass me about it but they know nothing. They put a remark on my credit and ill be dam if they think I am paying for something I dont owe. I will go above and beyond to get this removed from my credit.

Meghan Ariaz

4 months ago
Tara was BEYOND rude and condescending. How dare these people talk to me like this. Will be taking legal action.

spenser monnin

a year ago
Man that answered refused to even tell me what this company does, and I don’t feel you need a reference phone number to be able to tell me what your company specializes in. When I answered the call from them he refused to tell me what he was calling in regards to. Best answer I could get between 2 calls was personal business matter.

Shawn Nagel

3 months ago
This company needs to be reported to BBB!

Nicole Cameron

a year ago
They were nice in the beginning and I actually was sorting out bills to be able to fit them in so I can go back to school to finish my masters degree. Today they were very rude and disgusting. I’m reporting their customer service antics, …More

Julia Miller

a year ago
GOOGLE “v. ability recovery services llc” and look at how many people have sued them and won and not been paid. …More

Nicole Gaeta

a year ago
Do not let them convince you to make automatic payments on your credit/ debit card. The fee is ridiculous! Very unprofessional. First girl was sweet and helpful, but led me to believe I can have the debt removed from my credit report after …More

Vanities By CJ

a year ago
Traci Dale and Cheryl are the rudest customer service agent and manager I have ever experienced, I just submitted my complaint to the bbb. These people need to be re-trained in proper customer service.

Dan Wick

6 months ago
How to sue Ability Recovery Services: copy of actual filed lawsuit. Please refer to USC 15 chapter 41 and review section 1681 and 1692. It seems that someone keeps deleting my post. Well now I have a judgment against THEM! …More









Jasmine Goforth

9 months ago
Always calls, left one voicemail and they didn’t say my last name. They just said someone has a personal business matter with me.

Music Sensation

a year ago
Those are not people, but nasty animals.

Flying Toaster

a year ago
They are NOT a debt collection agency. By definition a debt collection agency represents the interests of the original lender — a specific bank or credit card company. Ability Recovery Services buys packages of debts for a dime on the …More

lavonia Darby

7 months ago
The young man who I spoke with was extremely rude

Alison Stinely

a year ago
I have an old medical bill which ARS has split into two accounts and submitted multiple times to the credit bureaus. The two accounts show up four times on my Equifax report. I called to inquire about this and purposely kept my cool as I …More

Katie Bielefeld

a year ago
never received a letter or any information. saw it on my credit report and called. the individual was very rude and it was about an account i never heard of.. he said the best way is to pay it. i said i was going to dispute it and he said i …More
Ability Recovery Services LLC Info 
Address284 Main St, Dupont, PA 18641











And a simple debt validation letter like this with the negative remarks will do the trick
Just fill in the blank and you be fine. more info on this when it comes in. Just remember leave your comments on the bottom so people know what your going thew with this scum of a collection firm 
Re: Account Number
This letter is sent in response to [a letter/phone call] received by you on [date you received the letter/call]. I am requesting that you provide verification of this debt.
Send the following information:
The name and address of the original creditor, the account number, and the amount owed.
Verification that there is a valid basis for claiming I am required to pay the current amount owed.
Details about the age and amount of the debt including a copy of the last billing statement from the original creditor; a detailed explanation any interest added or payments made since the last billing statement and the legal authorization for this interest; the date the original creditor claims this debt became delinquent.
Whether this debt is within the statute of limitations and how that was determined.
Details about your authority to collect this debt: whether you are licensed in my state and if so provide the date of the license, name on the license, license number, and the license number, and the name, address and telephone number of the state agency issuing the license. If you are contacting me from outside my state, provide the licensing information from your state as well.
I need more details about what you claim I owe so that I can make an informed decision.
Your Name


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