HomeAdvisor.com misleads construction companies

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Sales representatives of HomeAdvisor.com will contact me and with an offer to waived their $300 annual membership fee, but I will have to spend $300 worth of leads. They told me that their leads cost 30-60 dollars, but in reality, you have no visibility on the cost of the leads.

The mobile app will notify you with a lead and you have to accept them within an hour. After getting 2 leads the home advisor stopped sending me leads. I called the customer service line and they told me that I’ve maxed out my lead spend. I then logged in on the computer to my view my account and I found that they’ve charged me $157 dollars for a bathroom renovation lead!

The second bathroom renovation lead cost about $100, which was actually a bigger job than the first. I then tried to cancel my services and asked them to take my company profile down but they refused and told me that because I accepted the leads I am liable for them.

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