Equifax is walking all over the CFPB

Equifax is walking all over the CFPB

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Equifax is walking all over the CFPB

Thank you for submitting your complaint on 11/24/2019 through the CFPB Complaint Portal. Unfortunately, we are unable to proceed with an investigation of the concerns raised in your complaint because we need additional information. Please provide us with the following information: Please be specific with your concerns by listing the inquiries in which you are disputing and the nature of the dispute. In addition, please be advised that inquiries are a factual record of file access. Inquiries are a matter of record of all companies that have accessed your credit file. PRM, AR, and AM inquiries remain on the credit file for 12 months and are not shared with potential credit grantors. If you believe the inquiries were unauthorized, Please contact the creditors directly and follow their internal procedures. Please be advised Equifax is a repository of credit information which has been supplied by creditors, collection agencies and public record holders. Equifax supplies this information upon request to qualified users of this information. Equifax does not collect or maintain copies of contracts between consumers and their creditors. Please contact the data furnisher directly for any additional information, to request a copy of the signed agreement for service for your record and to request copies of the documents they provided for verification of accounts. Please provide the requested information to Equifax Office of Consumer & Agency Assistance, P.O. Box 105323 Atlanta, GA 30348. If you have any questions or require additional information, you may contact us by calling a Customer Service Representative at 866-349-5191.


They sned a darn prefilled memo to the cfpb when you complain about the blatant disregard of laws here. I stated under 609 credit reporting act they must investigate and show me a wet-signature they claim they cant and they are just blowing people off



Shame on you Equifax


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