Algorithmic audio news feed on Google Assistant

Algorithmic audio news feed on Google Assistant

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Why google is putting google news audio algorithmic news on your google assistant and this should scare the bejesus out of you

Let’s talk about what Google Assistant is always listening to when you’re having sex or that argument with your wife they know what you are doing. and Americans are ok with this. Well, now Google news will start fanning the flames of anger or happiness or others that I don’t want to get into. and start your day off what you want to here due to what you were doing. let me explain say you had a moment ina month that you were angry about politics or something with politics. Google knows due to they have a mic on the google assistant that here’s what you’re doing 24’7. Now it picks up news about war or stuff that just makes you angry. Then things start to happen. Then you don’t realize that your anger just got your arrested because google assistant was picking articles to send to you in an algorithmic form. You can choose to turn on the tv and watch the news but Google assistant forces news views down your thought now they know what you’re doing with their algorithmic news broadcast and now they got you.


I say cut the plug to your google assistant and bring backs the old days where people talk to each other and where neighborly. These google assistants are breaking families and culture apart in the wrong way. We need to go out and talk to people and help each other not be stuck in your house getting news from an algorithmic source. join me into changing the world for good, not evil


Here are what others are talking about google assistant and the fears they have

Google is rolling out a new service for Google Assistant that it’s calling “Your News Update.” It takes the idea of an algorithmically determined news feed — the kind you get from Facebook or on Google’s news feed — and turns it into an audio stream. To play it, you simply ask a Google smart speaker or Assistant on your phone to “listen to the news.”

Google’s AI Assistant Will Now Play News Tailored For You

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