Debt Collectors are a joke and crooks

1 Debt Collectors Worst Nightmares come’s true

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Debt collectors are a joke and they commit so many crimes. Most of your debt collectors are just real punks that got arrest for fraud domestic battery and much more.

these people have your social security number and your home address birth date and more. Now you tell me you should not worry. I tell you one thing you should be shitting bricks. These people are just scum pure scum. They have the gull to call you lier and more. These people should be thrown in jail and raped. If you’re a bill collector how do you sleep at night? I know you sleep well you say but your just a pure psychopath. Its time to cut the cord to the bill collection industry and fight back what is yours. These people think they’re better than you when you call them out of stuff they get angry and defensive. Americacollect is one of them they call them selfs radically nice collections they are not they are scum and they treat you like a 3-year-old kid. The Ceo of Americacollect is a scum bag.



Here are some videos of debt collectors gone wiled






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